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I Hope The Strikers In Manitowoc Know What They're Doing


I Hope The Strikers In Manitowoc Know What They're Doing

CREATED Jan 17, 2012

Last November, about 200 machinists at Manitowoc Co. went on strike.  Salaries for machinists start at around $19 an hour and go up from there.  In it's contract offer, the company has proposed 2% salary increases each year for the next four years together with a generous benefit package.

So, if it's not wages or benefits, why did the workers walk off the job?

Manitowoc Co. is insisting on contract language that would allow union workers seven days to decide whether they want to stay in the union or drop out.  New hires would have the same rights after completing their probationary period.

In other words, union workers have gone on strike for the right to deprive their co-workers of the right to choose whether to belong to the union or not!  So much for it being a free country.

165 other employees have been furloughed as a result of the strike. 

Last week, striking machinists overwhelmingly turned down a modified proposal from the company.

The strikers have been without paychecks for two months now - with no end in sight. In today's economy, it takes guts to walk away from a job that pays as much as these jobs do. Having guts isn't the same as having brains though.

For their sake, I hope those strikers in Manitowoc know what they're doing!