I Guess $111,000 Doesn't Buy Taxpayers Too Much Love In Slinger These Days


I Guess $111,000 Doesn't Buy Taxpayers Too Much Love In Slinger These Days

CREATED Jan 14, 2012

The local newspaper finally got around to writing about John Koszarek, the now-infamous Slinger High School social studies teacher.  Almost two weeks ago, Koszarek sent an e-mail to State Representative Don Pridemore complaining about Pridemore's support of the Collective Bargaining legislation that passed in 2011.

What has gotten Koszarek so much attention however is his written statement: "Of course you are in Washington County where Hitler would have defeated Reagan had he the "R" in front of his name on the ballot". 

So let me get this straight. Kozarek now has to pay a little bit more towards his health insurance, make a modest contribution to his generous pension plan, work under rules established by his employer and perhaps live with some modest cutbacks in school funding moving forward?  As a result, he had the nerve to suggest that voters in heavily Republican Washington County are Nazis?

Stay classy Mr. Social Studies Teacher.

Koszarek is now backing off a bit from the Nazi comment but it's tough to unring that bell. 

Here's the best part.  According to the DPI date base, Koszarek made over $111,000 last year in salary and benefits!  $111,000 - with summers off and lots of breaks during the school year.

I guess $111,000 doesn't buy the taxpayers a lot of love or respect from at least one public employee in Washington County.