A Public Display Of Affection For Scott Walker


A Public Display Of Affection For Scott Walker

CREATED Dec 1, 2011


I frequently hear complaints that the Republican Party of Wisconsin isn't doing enough to support Scott Walker.  In particular, people note that the unions are passing out "Recall Walker" yard signs while Walker supporters are, well, sign-less.

Personally, in the modern political environment, I think the value of yard signs is way overrated - especially given how much they cost to produce.  Still, lots of people like them and lots of people want them.

The Republican Party of Milwaukee County tells me that Scott Walker yard signs are available at their headquarters at 1488 S. 84th Street. They do ask for a minimum donation of $4 however.  They also have bumper stickers and t-shirts.  The hours the headquarters is open can be found at www.milwaukee.wisgop.info

So, if you live in Milwaukee County and either want to show your support for Walker or annoy your liberal friends and co-workers, you know what to do. I would imagine that these would make great Christmas gifts as well.