We Spent $100,000 And All We Got Was A "Sustainabilitree"?


We Spent $100,000 And All We Got Was A "Sustainabilitree"?

CREATED Nov 2, 2011



You can't make this stuff up.

A committee in Madison is about to spend $100,000 to construct a "Sustainabilitree" outside the Madison's Children Museum.  The sculpture is to be built by Reno, Nevada artist David Boyer as part of a public arts project.  While the decision to choose this sculpture is not final, the "Sustainabilitree" submission appears to be the leading candidate from the final four submissions.

I suppose that reasonable people can disagree about whether this sculpture is worth $100,000.  At this point in the economic history of the State however, who can justify spending this type of money on "a metaphor for the need to use renewable and sustainable resources in our pursuit for a better future"?

Don't the liberals in Madison care about all the needy people in Dane County that I've been hearing so much about lately? I mean, I hear there's no money for essential services - but we've got a boatload of money for "a tree form with wind driven mechanical elements"?   

Like I say, you can't make this stuff up.