What If They Held A Protest And Almost Nobody Showed


What If They Held A Protest And Almost Nobody Showed

CREATED Nov 1, 2011


400 is 99% of exactly what?

Last Saturday, "Occupy Milwaukee" staged a rally that could generously be described as a complete flop.  Despite great weather, tons of free advance publicity, fawning media attention and an all out push by several organized labor groups, the march drew all of 400 people

That's right. 400.

What's more, if you look at the people quoted in the newspaper, the attendees were all the usual suspects ... "9 to 5", "Citizens Action Wisconsin", "Peace Action Wisconsin".   You know, the semi-professional protesters who show up anywhere, anytime to protest in favor of just about anything that involves spending other people's money. 

Given the professional protest culture that currently operates in Milwaukee, you can normally draw at least 1000 people for just about anything.  So why did the "Occupy Milwaukee" operation fail so miserably despite impassioned turnout efforts from union bosses like Candice Owley of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals?

The answer is really simple.  "Occupy whatever" does not represent 99% of the public.  Heck, it doesn't even represent .01% of the public. 

These "Occupy" movements have really become a haven for a ragtag collection of professional marchers, want-to- be political activists, frustrated anarchists, out-of state political agitators and college kids looking for something to do.  In other words, it's not a movement that many people (even those sympathetic to some of it's stated objectives) want to be associated with.

The protesters on Saturday claimed that they were "what democracy looks like".  They're probably right.  The vast majority of people in the community voted with their feet and decided that "Occupy Milwaukee" wasn't something they wanted to be associated with.  That's democracy for you!