The Chicago Tribune Pushes The Envelope Of Political Incorrectness!


The Chicago Tribune Pushes The Envelope Of Political Incorrectness!

CREATED Oct 31, 2011

It's the type of politically incorrect story that you'll most likely never see in the local newspaper.

Yesterday, The Chicago Tribune published an absolutely stunning report on how easy it is for foreign nationals to commit serious crimes in the United States, post bail and then flee to their native countries.  What's more, once criminals flee, little or nothing is done by authorities to try to apprehend them.

While authorities have chosen not to look for accused pedophiles and murderers, The Chicago Tribune had no trouble finding many fugitives who were hiding in plain sight.   In the words of a woman whose mother was killed by a drunken driver who subsequently fled back to South Korea: "It's like, anybody can kill anybody and just leave the country".

Locally, of course, we know it's possible for illegal aliens to commit serious crimes and go all the way through the sentencing process with the sentencing judge being ignorant of the defendant's immigration status!

I understand that it's easier (and more politically correct) to go after cops who may have committed some minor offenses or done something wrong ten years ago than it is to try to track down serious criminals who have fled the country.  Of course, that would require acknowledging that persons with ties to other countries actually commit crimes in Wisconsin - and that would upset many in the Amnesty lobby.

Still, when it comes to investigative journalism, yesterday's front page feature in the Chicago Tribune is a must read.