"Anna Rexia" For Halloween? Really?


"Anna Rexia" For Halloween? Really?

CREATED Oct 27, 2011



Forget going to this year's Halloween party as a "Naughty Nurse" or a sexy maid.  One of the most talked about costumes out there this year is "Anna Rexia".

The Anna Rexia costume "features a black bodysuit style dress with a glittery, silk-screened skeleton print, bone headband, heart name tag and matching measuring tape ribbon belt and choker".

Critics say that only someone with a sick mind would buy something like this.  However while the manufacturer has stopped producing the costumes, some retailers have sold out of their inventory.

Tacky costumes are a Halloween tradition.  Still, there are limits.  Does this outfit go too far?  We'll discuss the question during my radio show today.