Noble Wray, Mall Cop Or Police Chief?


Noble Wray, Mall Cop Or Police Chief?

CREATED Sep 23, 2011

Noble Wray is the City of Madison Police Chief.  In that capacity, he heads the State's second largest police department.  Given his position, It would certainly be nice if he would start acting more like a professional law enforcement officer and less like a mall cop.

It's no secret to anyone (except apparently Chief Wray) that Republican legislators in Madison have been the victims of criminal misconduct by protesters for several months now.  Thus far, the response by Wray, the Capitol Police Chief and the Dane County District Attorney has been to largely look the other way - thereby enabling the protesters and endangering the lawmakers.

Seemingly stung by criticism of his inaction, Wray responded Thursday by sending a memo to all members of the Wisconsin Legislature.  The memo does not promise either immediate action or a change in policy.  It does not explain why misconduct in the past has been ignored.

The memo does however offer suggestions to legislators who are being stalked and threatened.  These suggestions include telling legislators (1) to carry cell phones so they can call for help if attacked; (2) to consider a plan for retreat to a safe room if accosted; and (3) to make sure people know what car they're driving in case they go missing.

Hardly very reassuring, is it?

When it first came out, many people thought Wray's memo was a spoof.  You know, the kind of "Stranger Danger" warning that you'd give to eighth-grade kids before a trip to the big city.

Unfortunately, it's not a spoof .  It's what passes for law enforcement from Madison's top Mall Cop - I mean, Chief of Police.