Was This Screamin' Lena's "Peggy West Moment"?


Was This Screamin' Lena's "Peggy West Moment"?

CREATED Sep 17, 2011

Let me rise to the defense of State Senator Screamin' Lena Taylor - sort of.

This week, Taylor drew pretty much universal scorn for calling for a boycott of products made by Georgia Pacific like Dixie Cups, Quilted Northern Toilet Paper and Brawny Paper Towels.  The reason for her proposed boycott?  Well, Georgia Pacific is partially owned by the Koch Brothers (who are campaign contributors to Scott Walker).

Georgia Pacific is a major employer in the Green Bay area providing good jobs to about 2300 Wisconsin citizens.  Interestingly, many of these workers are members of labor unions.  Many of the products that Taylor seeks to boycott are made in Green Bay by Wisconsin workers.

So, is Taylor really so unhinged about Governor Walker that she would seek to destroy thousands of Wisconsin jobs to prove her point?  Perhaps, after all this is Screamin' Lena Taylor.

Let me offer another theory however.

I think it's quite possible that this was Screamin' Lena's "Peggy West moment".

Peggy West is, of course, the now notorious Milwaukee County Supervisor who drew national ridicule for arguing against Arizona's new immigration law based on her belief that Arizona doesn't share a border with Mexico(?)!  Oops.

In the same vein, I seriously wonder whether Taylor knew that Georgia Pacific manufactured various products in Green Bay?  Heck, she probably thought they were made in Georgia! Or in California.  Seriously, can't you see Taylor asking: "Why do they call it 'Georgia Pacific' if they make stuff in Green Bay?"

Arguing against this theory is the fact that Taylor has also called for the boycott of a local gas station in her own District.  Still, I think this is more about the heavy-handed and petty way that Taylor goes about her business than anything else.

Interestingly, while very few of her fellow Democrats were willing to condemn her stupid remarks, no one was exactly rushing to jump on the Screamin" Lena bandwagon either.  I guess the lesson is that when you spend your life being a political bomb thrower, you have to recognize that one is going to go off in your hand every once in a while. Like now.

So, choose for yourself.  Was Taylor really trying to harm a Wisconsin company that employs thousands of people - or was she just being Peggy West clueless?  We'll never know for sure - but either way, it's pretty embarrassing!