Kill The Ref?


Kill The Ref?

CREATED Sep 2, 2011



I admit that I've been at sporting events where I've heard someone yell something along the lines of "Kill the Ump" or "Kill the Ref".  I've never actually seen someone try to do it though - until now.

Last weekend, 41 year old Jayme Ream was officiating a football game between the Sarasota Gators and the North Port Huskies in Sarasota, Florida.  For those not familiar with the teams, the Gators and Huskies are participants in the Mid-Florida Football and Cheerleading Conference, a Pee-Wee football league for 13 and 14 year olds!

As the first half was winding down, two coaches for the Gators started throwing water bottles at Ream.  A parent of one of the kids then walked on the field to confront Ream. Shortly thereafter, several of the players charged onto the field - with one of the players tackling Ream. Several players and coaches then jumped on Ream and proceeded to kick and beat him.

The whole incident was captured on videotape by another parent.  You can watch the video here.

The team has been suspended from league play for the balance of the season. Sarasota authorities are considering charges against several of the participants in the attack.

Later today, we'll discuss whether this sort of thing could ever be justified, whether this is an isolated occurrence  - and what the consequences should be?