Time For New Berlin To Call Pest Control


Time For New Berlin To Call Pest Control

CREATED Aug 29, 2011

Get ready New Berlin.  A plague of locusts is heading your way!

Last week, a meeting of the Greenfield School Board to discuss the new employee handbook was disrupted by out-of-control protesters.  The majority of the protesters were not Greenfield teachers but rather were teachers brought in from other school districts - most notably MPS.

That's right.  Teachers from the most dysfunctional school district in the State decided to swarm to Greenfield to tell its School Board how to educate Greenfield children.

Well, they're at it again.

Tonight, the New Berlin School Board has a regularly scheduled meeting to also consider handbook issues.  Michael Rosen, the extremely well compensated President of Local 212 of the American Federation of Teachers, is sending out e-mails to WEAC members urging them to pack the meeting to "support your union sisters and brothers of the New Berlin Education Association ... " 

A follow-up e-mail has gone out to public school teachers outside New Berlin begging them to show up to counter the influence of various talk show hosts (?).

I suspect that the good people of New Berlin don't need a bunch of out-of-district union toadies to tell them how to run their school district.  I also suspect that the taxpayers of New Berlin don't need don't need the WEAC bosses of the world to tell them what's best for their community.  Nevertheless, the outside agitators will be there tonight - perhaps in force.

Maybe it's time for the taxpayers of New Berlin to arrange for some pest control.  The plague of locusts is definitely coming!