Recall Loser Shelly Moore - "Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?"


Recall Loser Shelly Moore - "Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?"

CREATED Aug 11, 2011

Some of Tuesday's recall races were extremely close.  Some weren't close but were still competitive.  Then there was the race between Republican State Senator Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls and Democrat Shelly Moore.

As a candidate Moore, a public school teacher/union activist, was seriously flawed.  Her campaign started amid allegations that she had misused her public school email account in connection with the Harsdorf recall efforts - and then went downhill from there. 

As the campaign proceeded, many wondered whether Moore was - well - in way over her head.

Not surprisingly, on Tuesday, Harsdorf clobbered Moore.  In coasting to victory, Harsdorf earned about 58% of the vote.  This was pretty close to her margin of victory in 2008.  In other words, not too much outrage about Harsdorf's support of Scott Walker.

Anyway, Moore apparently carried her unhinged style of politics over to her concession speech.  Rather than going out gracefully, Moore suggested that despite the fact that she lost, "[she] came out on top in the hearts and minds of the people." (?)  Moore also implied that she was going to run again and win in 2012!

I'm sure Sheila Harsdorf is trembling in her boots.

Why do I picture Shelly Moore channeling Kevin Bacon in Animal House as he gets spanked with a paddle during a fraternity initiation.  You know the scene - a whack with a paddle followed by "Thank you Sir.  May I have another?"