The Other Mob Attack At The State Fair


The Other Mob Attack At The State Fair

CREATED Aug 8, 2011


Lost in the coverage of the State Fair mob attacks on Thursday evening was the "other" mob attack that occurred earlier in the day.

When Governor Walker appeared at the traditional State Fair Opening Day ceremony, he was shouted down by a relatively small yet extremely thuggish group of public employees and so-called political activists.  These losers apparently feel that their right to behave boorishly trumps the right of others to enjoy non-political events like the Wisconsin State Fair.

If this is what passes for acceptable conduct by public employee unions, the sooner those unions disappear, the better.

What's so frustrating is that it seems like much of this bad behavior seems to be being driven by public school teachers. The irony of course is that these are presumably the same people who wouldn't tolerate conduct like this  in their classrooms.  I guess the justification is that if teachers are required to contribute a bit towards their pensions, all rules of civility go off the table.

That's a great message to send to the kids - NOT.

I firmly believe that a year from now, people are going to look back on 2011 and wonder what all the fuss was about?  By that I mean, schools will still be open, public employees will still have their jobs, the budget will be balanced and unemployment will be down. 

Hopefully, the Thursday morning "other" mob attack will soon be just a bad memory.  A bad memory of a disturbance caused by a small group of spoiled self-centered government workers with no sense of appropriate time and place.