Mr. Chisholm: Do Your Job!


Mr. Chisholm: Do Your Job!

CREATED Aug 2, 2011


Technically the recall election between Republican State Senator Alberta Darling and challenger Sandy Pasch isn't until next Tuesday.  It appears however that a liberal special interest group may have already stolen the race in plain sight.

The question is now whether area voters and John Chisholm, the Democrat who serves as the District Attorney for Milwaukee County will let them get away with it.

In one of the most brazen violations of election law since the infamous "smokes for votes" episode in 2000, Wisconsin Jobs Now appears to have been bribing voters with food and prizes in an effort to get them to the polls (presumably to vote for Sandy Pasch).  Now that the scheme has been exposed, John Chisholm should be issuing charges immediately! 

Section 12.11 of the Wisconsin Statutes makes it clear that it is illegal to offer anything with a value of over $1 to anyone as an inducement to get them to vote.  Yet it seems that this is precisely what the "BBQ for Votes" operation has been doing - and what has led to bus loads of people showing up at the polls to vote early.

Frankly, this doesn't appear to be close to legal - but it has already led to hundreds of votes being cast (again mostly presumably for Pasch).  Even if Chisholm were to bring charges against the group, the votes already cast will be counted.

In other words, Darling supporters will have to work even harder to turn out supporters to offset the potentially criminal behavior of the pro-Pasch forces.

My guess is that "BBQ for Votes" is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to efforts by liberal special interest groups to hijack the recall races.  Unfortunately, we probably won't learn about the full extent of these sleazy tactics until well after the elections are over.

Still, we now know about "BBQ for Votes".  What we don't know though is whether the Democrat responsible for enforcing laws in Milwaukee County will do anything about it?

We also won't know until Tuesday whether tactics like this will work!