Two More Reasons Why MPS Remains A Hot Mess


Two More Reasons Why MPS Remains A Hot Mess

CREATED Aug 1, 2011

So much for "Workers of the World Unite".

Earlier this year, the President of WEAC, the state teachers union, boldly proclaimed that Wisconsin teachers were willing to pay more towards their health care costs and contribute 5.8% to their pensions.  Apparently she hadn't cleared her statement  with the union bosses and members of the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association.

In order to avoid the layoffs of hundreds of MPS teachers, the School Board went to the Union and asked them to do what WEAC promised teachers would do earlier this year - contribute a small portion toward their pensions.  This request was originally rejected out of hand by the union bosses. 

After getting some heat, the union decided to poll the membership on the question of pension contributions.  Unfortunately, by a 52% to 48% vote, union membership decided to screw over both hundreds of their "union brother and sisters" and the children that the union is supposedly concerned about.

That's right. By a small majority, the union would rather lose hundreds of jobs than make modest contributions to their pension plan.  A pension plan which, by the way, doesn't exist for most workers in the private sector.

Meanwhile, the lemons keep dancing at MPS.

Last Thursday, the School Board promoted former Custer High School Principal Kathy Bonds (the wife of School Board President Michael Bonds) to a position managing the activities of other principals.  Mrs. Bonds was previously removed from her job at Custer because of its chronic under performance.  

As a matter of fact, almost 30% of MPS schools will have new principals this Fall. 

To be fair, not all of these principals are retreads who are being recycled to new positions after failing someplace else.  I also acknowledge that the problems at some MPS schools are so severe that no single administrator could be expected to succeed. 

Still, between a teachers' union that will readily eat its own and an Administration that continues the dance of the lemons, it's no surprise that MPS remains a hot mess.