Tales From The Tiki Bar


Tales From The Tiki Bar

CREATED Jul 28, 2011


Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians of every stripe.  However, I've never had an encounter anything like the one a listener named Julie had last Saturday with Bob Ryan, the embattled and boozy Mayor of Sheboygan.

Here's Julie's "Tale From The Tiki Bar":

"Hi Jeff,

Had to let you know four of my friend's and I were staying at the lodge where the Tiki Bar is on Saturday night. 

While we were getting ready to go out for the evening, a couple of us were sitting on the porch of our condo, about 100 feet from the tiki bar.  I was looking at the bar when I called my friend over because there was this guy talking to a waitress.  While he was talking to her, he had his shirt off and was twisting his nipples.   Creepy!

About two hours later, we sat at the bar and met some people.  This same guy comes over wanting to sit by us ... .  He was smashed.  We ignored him until he kept telling my friend, "My wife just kicked me out! How do you feel about that!" He yelled at my friend at least 10 times.  We moved, put our backs to him.  He kept trying to get in our circle.

After they made him leave, some of the locals told us that he was the Mayor from Sheboygan.  He is an absolute mess and needs major help.  All I can say is I feel sorry for his wife!

Well, it makes a good story for girl's weekend, but I will be happy if I never see him again!"   

The Sheboygan Common Council appears ready to try to force the Mayor's removal as a result of his latest binge.  For his part, the Mayor says that he's going into rehab (again) but has no intention of stepping down.

One of the many tragedies of this whole thing is that - alcohol issues aside - I think Bob Ryan has done a pretty good job as Mayor.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to put the alcohol issues aside - especially since they may have exposed the City to some liability if a sexual harassment complaint filed by a City employee has any merit.

I don't know how this will play out but I think Julie said it best. The Mayor is an absolute mess and needs major help.