Walker Haters Wish Wisconsin The Worst


Walker Haters Wish Wisconsin The Worst

CREATED Jul 25, 2011

With each passing day, I marvel at how some folks sink deeper and deeper into Walker Derangement Syndrome. 

You know the symptoms.  An unreasoning, almost pathological hatred of the  Governor that causes a sufferer to wish ill on anyone and anything so that they can blame the problem on Scott Walker. 

Case in point: The jobs numbers released last week.

It is beyond doubt that Barack Obama's so-called  "economic recovery" is, thus far at least, a jobless recovery.  However, in contrast to the national jobless numbers, Wisconsin is doing okay.  Not great, but okay - and definitely a lot better than many places.

Since Scott Walker took over as Governor, Wisconsin has created almost 40,000 jobs.  We've still got a long way to go to replace the 171,000 jobs that were lost during the last few years of Jim Doyle's term - but 40,000 jobs is a start.

In June, most States lost jobs.  Some States lost a lot of jobs.  In contrast, Wisconsin added an estimated 12,900 private sector jobs and had a net gain of 9500 jobs (after including the loss of some public sector jobs).

Rather than celebrating progress though, the Walker haters were out in full force.  Here's a representative portion of an e-mail I received from one of the usual suspects named Linda after my television appearance on Friday:

"9000 jobs in tourism and hospitality is nothing.  These are temporary jobs that go away at the end of the summer. ... They are not family sustaining jobs. Your comment that 'a job is a job' is so typical of a Republican.  Hey, it's a job.  No health care, no benefits, but it's a job."

First of all, only half of the new jobs were in tourism and hospitality -  but let's not get hung up on details.  The fact is that tourism is Wisconsin's third largest industry.  I guess it wasn't until Walker became Governor that liberals decided that tourism jobs weren't "real jobs".  The same thing with jobs in the hospitality industry.

At least everybody in these industries now knows how the Left feels about you.  Your jobs suck and aren't "real".

When Barack Obama became President, I really hoped that he'd be able to lead the country out of the economic problems it was facing.  I didn't think his strategy would work because it was contrary to solid economic theory and common sense - but I hoped it would work.  After all, I've got money in the stock market and work in an industry that relies on businesses prospering and spending advertising dollars.  Politics notwithstanding,  I never want to root against my self-interest.

I guess that's what differentiates a lot of us from the Walker haters out there.

When it comes to jobs, what Walker is doing seems to be working  - and that's a good thing.  It's a good thing for our economy, our unemployed, our tax base and our State. 

It's a good thing for everybody - except those with Walker Derangement Syndrome.  For them, they're hoping for failure - and that's sad.