Congressman + Teenage Girl = Trouble


Congressman + Teenage Girl = Trouble

CREATED Jul 23, 2011



Yes, this is one of the guys charged with getting our country out of the current economic crisis.  Feel better about your 401(k) now?

Anyway, think you've got troubles?  Just be glad that you're not David Wu, the veteran Democratic Congressman from Oregon (pictured above).  

Here's some free legal advice from a recovering lawyer.  The two phrases you never want to see in the same sentence are "your name" and "accused of an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenager".   However, this is precisely the situation that Wu now finds himself in.

Last Fall, Wu made headlines by sending a photo of himself dressed in a tiger suit to various members of his staff.  In fact, his behavior became so bizarre that several of his aides resigned following Wu's 2010 re-election campaign (which he won).

Now Wu, a married (though currently separated) 56-year-old father of two, is being accused of making "unwanted sexual advances" toward the teenage daughter of a campaign contributor last Thanksgiving. The girl apparently graduated from high school in 2010. 

That's right - 2010!

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer might have liked his women young - but at least they were (1) pros and (2) old enough to drink.

A prominent Oregon newspaper called for Wu to resign after the "tiger suit" photo became public.  He refused. Still, if Anthony Weiner couldn't survive a sexting scandal, it's hard to believe that - if the allegations are anywhere close to true - Wu will be able to ride this one out.

If Wu does refuse to step down, my guess is that he won't be invited to the White House any time soon - regardless of how bad the President may need his vote.  After all, President Obama's oldest daughter is probably only 5 or 6 years younger than the woman Wu is accused of hitting on.

With the United States about to hit the debt ceiling and no agreement in sight, Congress has a lot on it's plate this week.  Why do I suspect though that at least one Congressman's mind is elsewhere?       

The larger question though is: when will certain elected officials learn?  Politician + teenage girl = trouble!