Stubborness, Bias or Simple Journalistic Malpractice?


Stubborness, Bias or Simple Journalistic Malpractice?

CREATED Jul 14, 2011


Frankly, I can't believe it  has  come to this.

Relying on a single source that they refuse to identify, the Journal Sentinel claims that State Senator Rob Cowles said he was threatened by the Walker Administration over his vote for the Budget Repair Bill. Cowles is one of six Republican State Senators facing a recall election in August.

After the story ran, Cowles spoke to various news outlets across Wisconsin and expressly denied the story.  Despite his denials, the Journal Sentinel stubbornly refuses to either name their source or even write a follow-up reporting the denials -  unless Cowles speaks to the reporter who wrote the smear piece in the first place!


Many people in the area believe they know who the single unnamed source the paper is relying on is.  If it's who people think it is, I'm told that this individual has a pretty large ax to grind and has successfully found a media outlet willing to let him/her anonymously grind it.

I don't pretend to know what the truth of the matter is.  I do think though that it's irresponsible to run a piece like this (relying on a single unnamed source) against a public official in the middle of a heated election campaign without also running his denial.

Unfortunately though, this isn't the first time that Walker Derangement Syndrome and media bias have collided.  It also probably won't be the last.