Glendale Screws Up - Then Tries To Cover Up!


Glendale Screws Up - Then Tries To Cover Up!

CREATED Jul 12, 2011



If you see Glendale City Administrator Richard Maslowski anytime soon, don't be surprised if his nose appears to have grown.  In trying to explain huge delays at the Glendale polls for today's Democratic State Senate Primary election, Maslowski seems to be channeling Pinocchio

In an effort to save money, Glendale decided to only open one polling site (instead of the five it typically uses).  As a result, some people had to wait in line for up to 40 minutes to vote.  For an election like this, 40 minutes is an unacceptable delay!

However, rather than acknowledge that the City screwed up in not opening up enough polling stations, Maslowski is trying to blame the delays on the new voter ID law. Give me a break. 

I voted today and actually found the process to be slightly faster than normal. Of course, the community I live in didn't try to funnel all voters into one location.

I concede that when fully implemented, photo ID requirements might cause some minor delays as people get used to having to have an ID ready.  Still, that's not the main reason why there were voting delays in Glendale today. 

Rather than make excuses, the Glendale City Administrator should simply man up and admit that the City screwed up.  

After all, it was honesty that helped make Pinocchio a real boy.