A Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Goes Rogue


A Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Goes Rogue

CREATED May 26, 2011

Richard Sankovitz has been a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge since he was first appointed in 1996.  While Judge Sankovitz has been involved in his share of controversial cases, he's generally regarded as an okay judge.

That's why it's so surprising that he decided to go rogue yesterday.

Wednesday, a Milwaukee County jury acquited Herbert and Suzanne Gunka of double voting.  As part of their defense, the Gunkas maintained that they were afraid their votes hadn't been counted because of things they heard on "talk radio".

In remarks to the defendants after the verdict, Sankovitz told the Gunkas to stop listening to talk radio because "talk radio hosts are purveyors of misinformation".  And Rick, your evidence for that would be .... ?

It would be unfair - and untrue - for me to suggest that all circuit court judges are politically motivated hacks who are more concerned with cashing their paychecks and getting re-elected without opposition than they are about administering justice.  At the same time, it's more than untrue and unfair for Sankovitz to suggest that the tens of thousands of people who listen to Charley Sykes and me every day are being fed "misinformation".  

I'm sure that Harvard educated, silk stocking law firm trained Richard Sankovitz has very little use for talk show hosts who hold him and his colleagues publically accountable for their decisions. In that vein, if, as a private citizen, he wants to encourage all his pals to get their information from NPR or the New York Times or wherever else Sankovitz gets his world view from - fine.

When he shoots off his mouth with an ill informed attack on my industry in his capacity as a judge though, he's out of order.