Piggies At The Trough


Piggies At The Trough

CREATED May 25, 2011


I'm sorry but I don't have too much sympathy for Erin McHardie.

McHardie is one of the people who went out early yesterday morning and scooped up as many Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments as she could carry.  She then posted a photo of dozens of the Bernies on her Twitter account. McHardie now seems somewhat surprised at the negative reaction she's receiving.

Hmmm - greedy and clueless.  That's quite a pair to draw to.

McHardie claims that she and her friends didn't realize that they were only suppposed to take one each and that simply intended to give them to family and friends.  Although many gnomes are being sold on eBay at inflated prices, McHardie says that she isn't doing that with her stash.

Some people might argue that the Brewers should have anticipated that there would be people who would do precisely what McHardie and her buddies did early Tuesday morning.  Frankly, there is an element of truth to this.  I guess - unfortunately -  you can never go wrong by assuming the worst in people.

Anyway, Ms. McHardie says that she's sorry and hopes that Brewers fans can forgive her.  Personally, I hope she - and the others who did what she did- get a lot of enjoyment from their cache of Bernies.

As for the parents who got shut out in their pursuit of a Bernie because of McHardie, her pals and their ilk, just tell your kids that there are some really selfish people in the world who don't care about anybody but themselves.  Call it a life lesson.