The other Brewers accounts to follow

Hank the Dog. (Milwaukee Brewers.) Image by Milwaukee Brewers

The other Brewers accounts to follow

By J Pat. CREATED Apr 24, 2014

If you're a Brewers fan - aka the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL - you need to fire up your social media accounts and get in the game.  The team is pouring resources into social coverage and they're curating a list of all of the team's tweeps.  Check out the list here.

As a dedicated Twitter-er (@jpatmiller) I follow all of my favorite athletes, institutions and friends in Milwaukee.  I've also fallen in love with unofficial accounts.  As soon as anything unique or interesting happens someone rushes to twitter to capture an account.  The parody accounts have ranged from moustaches to animals who rush onto the field during a sporting event.  The Brewers hot start and interesting stories have spawned a few gems you should add to your list:

@BrewersHank - Yep.  Hank is on twitter and he is FUNNY. 

@Sh*tUeckerSays - It appears to be a running list of goofy stuff Uecker says on-air.  Good Stuff.  Replace the * with an i.

@Bernie_Brewer - So THAT is what he's doing up there in his crib between home runs.

@DidBrewersWin - Simple.  Reporting the score in your timeline.  Surprisingly useful.

@BrewersMagicNum - Yes, there is a twitter account counting down the Brewers Magic #. FYI it's 137.

I also want to give an honorable mention to @N0taaronrodgers. 
This parody account for Aaron Rodgers is not only funny, it has raised almost $20,000 for the MACC FUND.  Cool use of twitter.