Facebook is listening....

Facebook is listening....

By J Pat. CREATED Jun 5, 2014

Sharing every thought and pictures of every meal has become second nature for many Americans.  Research shows that the majority of us can't even watch TV without a mobile device in our lap so we can snark our thoughts during the show.  Now, Facebook wants to make that exact behavior even easier with a "creepy" new feature.  Here's a link to the news story on it.

Imagine if Facebook could activate the microphone of your iPad and listen to what you're watching so your updates are accurate.  It works like this:  You're watching "Game of Thrones" and you open facebook to write a comment.  Facebook would activate your device's microphone and use "Shazam" like tech to identify what show is on TV.  Then, when you post on facebook it will tag what you're watching. 


The cynic's view (my view atleast) of facebook is that it is the biggest advertising tool of all time.  Think about all of the personal, identifiable information you've shared with Facebook.  Your name, your home, your image, a clear and active map of everyone you have ever cared about sorted by just how much you like them.  You've typed in how you've voted, where you've vacationed, what brands you like and so much more.  Now, this OPT-IN "feature" of facebook will let them listen in to passively see what you're doing.  What I mean is that facebook will be able to hear what you're doing even if you're not updating your status about that item.  For example, they could sell Miller Lite the opportunity to serve ads to anyone watching football on Sunday.  Facebook says they won't store the behavior it observes but you KNOW they could use that information to trigger a sales like this.

Again, the program is OPT-IN, but, you know it won't be a pop-up that says "Hey we'd like to spy on everything you're doing, is that cool?"  The Opt-In will be buried in paragraph 74 section d3 of the latest "terms of use."

Good luck with that.