Adopt a Dog

Adopt a Dog

By J Pat. CREATED Apr 22, 2014

Last week, the kids were on spring break and I got the text: 

“Taking the kids to the HSOC.  Wish us luck!”


Uh-oh.  You don’t take your kids to the Humane Society unless you intend to leave with a dog.  Our family had been considering that addition of a dog for about a year and we had decided that once the snow melted we would get serious.  About 45 minutes after the first text, the first picture of my kids huddled around a small black lab puppy arrived on my phone.  Happy Kids.  Happy Wife.  Cute Dog.  I’m sold.


Welcome Shadow to the Fun Blog Family:


I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid, but, the immediate affect on my life has been BIG.  Each week, I’m looking for things for you to do and places for you to go so you can get more out of life.  This week, I’m inviting – nay commanding you to head to a shelter and add a dog to your family.  Here are 5 reasons why dogs make your life better:


1 – My kids have put down the electronics and engaged with the dog.  The friendship and responsibility from pet ownership will help them greatly.  There’s no screen time or power cords involved.  THAT is a good thing.


2 – We’re spending way more time outside.  We are training the puppy and that means tons of time in the backyard. In the past week I’ve seen sunrises, sunsets, starry skies and neighbors saying hello.  All of those things are outside!  Who knew?!?!


3 – Dogs are the ultimate stress release.  Last Friday was a heck of a day and as soon as I hit the door and started to play with Shadow it all went away.  Work officially ends when your hand gets on the leash.


4 – Can you think of another purchase, no matter the price, that will make you smile everyday for as long as you own it?  I can’t.  Our dog just wants to play and be our friend.  How beautiful is that?


Dog owners already know what I’m talking about.  If you’re thinking about it, make the jump and go save a puppy.  Your life will be happier by the time you pull back into the driveway.  The Wisconsin Humane Society was fantastic to work with and I can’t recommend them enough.


My wife, Abbie, is much more eloquent than I am plus she took some great pictures of Shadow if you want to see them.  Click Here!