Grow your mustache or beard for a great cause!


Grow your mustache or beard for a great cause!

CREATED Oct 24, 2013


Beards are a thing, now.  The Red Sox are rocking the playoff beards and some of them are epic.  If you’ve thought about wearing a beard you can grow it out for a great cause.  November is national beard month and there are two organizations that can guide you through your journey to follical enlightenment.  




Movember is a holiday month from shaving your mustache.  It starts with a “Shave the Date” on Movember 1.  On that day, you only shave your beard.  You’re encouraged to grow the mustache loud and proud with bonus points for unique styling.  Once the mustache has emerged in all its glory the website hosts the “Moscars” where user generated stories and videos compete for prizes.


No Shave November - Noshember - If you’re more of a full beard guy then Noshember is for you.  The shtick is the same, don’t shave for a month but they encourage a two interesting twists.  On November 30, you’re supposed to take a pic of the full beard and submit it to the site.  They also suggest “Mustache Christmas Morning.”  When you shave the beard on December 1 you’re supposed to keep the mustache.  Wear the mustache until Christmas morning which (according to the website) will creep people out.  Holly Jolly Mustache.


This is more than just a fun, “slacktivism” activity.  The mustaches and beards are flying for a reason:  fundraising and awareness.  If all of the sudden our clean shaven partner Jeff Wagner was wearing a beard everyone would comment on it.  Once someone notices you have the chance to talk about men’s health issues and ask for sponsorship.  Movember suggests you get your friends to sponsor you for .25 per day.  That’s only $7.50 a month but if you activate your network you could raise money and awareness for some great causes.  Movember supports Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer awareness.  Noshember supports Prostate Cancer and MS.  

It’s a great cause and sounds like a lot of fun.  Could YOU hide the razor for a month for a good cause?  Let me know!