A Simpsons cast member will die - who will it be?


A Simpsons cast member will die - who will it be?

CREATED Oct 3, 2013

Simpson's Executive Producer Al Jean recently stated in an interview that after 25 years, a member of the Simpsons cast will be killed off this season.  The only clue he offered was that it was a "major character" and he added that the voice actor for that character had won an Emmy.  On most shows this would narrow the list quickly but 9 Simpsons actors have won 25 Emmys for voiceover performances.

The Fun Blog is not deterred by such flimsy information.  
Here is the Fun Blog's Death Pool for the Simpsons' characters:

Lisa / Bart / Maggie (no line):  There is no way they kill a kid.  Not happening.

Ned Flanders / Mr. Burns / Smithers / Rev. Lovejoy  (no line):  Jean said that the dying character would be voiced by an actor that has won an Emmy.  Actor Harry Shearer has been nominated but never won.   This is a shame because I was ready to bet the farm on Mr. Burns.  Who else on the show would you LIKE to see die?

Marge (actress Julie Kavner - odds 10,000:1)  Marge is a sympathetic character and I don't think the audience could see Homer raising the kids.  I almost removed the line completely, but, it's a far fetched possibility. 

Moe (actor Hank Azaria - odds 200:1)  Is he a major character?  Use Moe's name in place of the teases..."We will kill Moe this season."  Big Deal.  His odds are low though because he is someone we all know and his death would not affect the story line.  

Chief Wiggum ( actor Hank Azaria - odds 80:1)  Another character that I'm not sure you would consider "major." Chief Wiggum is a police officer and it would be very easy for the writers to find a way for him to die.   

Grampa Simpson (actor Dan Castellaneta - odds 10:1) Major Character.  Super Old.  Old people die.  But, what humor could you possibly extract from Grampa dying?  Not much.

Krusty the Clown (actor Dan Castellaneta - odds 6:1) Hey HEY!  Major Character. Emmy Actor. Consistent punching bag. Could die in a funny way. 

Homer (actor Dan Castellaneta - odds 4:1)  D'oh! Killing off Homer could be one way to end the show.  In 2011, Fox signed the cast for two more seasons to get the show through the 25th season which is this year.  This might be the tin foil hat conspiracy pick but follow me:  for a TV show to make an impact it has to have an event that is so outlandish, so surprising that it leaks out to people who don't already watch the show.  The Simpson's has been on forever and I bet there's probably 10 times the current audience that "used" to watch the show.  If they decided to bump off Homer they could promote it for 3 weeks in advance and do a blowout final episode.  Huge ratings, huge advertising money and a viral way to end the show.  When in doubt just follow the money.  This is the money pick.  I'm probably crazy but I think this is how it goes down. 

What is your theory?  What do you think?