Lady Gaga issues apology, slams 'those who have betrayed me'

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Lady Gaga issues apology, slams 'those who have betrayed me'

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Jan 6, 2014

Lady Gaga has posted what E! is calling "a bizarre apology" to fans on her Web site. In the vulnerable-sounding message, the pop star apologizes for the fact that a video for her hit song, "Do What U Want," has not yet materialized. The song was released last October.

As E! reports, she blamed unnamed former employees for the delay, writing, "Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. I was not enough for some people. . . . They wanted more. Unfortunately after my surgery I was too sick, too tired, and too sad to control the damage on my own."
The singer underwent surgery after breaking her hip last year and had a six-month recuperation.
She further explains that she was given inadequate time to deliver a video, and calls that experience "devastating." She continues, "I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored."
Last November, Gaga and her longtime manager split, and she adds in her post, "Please forgive me that I did not foresee this coming, I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most."
She concludes, "Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am."
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