RightWisconsin's May Day Photo Gallery

Images from the 2013 socialists/workers May Day rally in Milwaukee.
  • Rally kicks off outside the offices of the agitators, Voces de la Fronterra, which is Spanish for "your laws don't apply to us" RightWisconsin

  • 2012's laundry list of complaints are apparently still in style in 2013. RightWisconsin

  • Blue-shirted union stooge. RightWisconsin

  • The yellow shirted union stooges. RightWisconsin

  • Obama Jersey. Che Flag. Socialist Chic. RightWisconsin

  • Stop enforcing the law, por favor. RightWisconsin

  • Immigrants can get licenses. This sign only makes sense if you think illegal immigrants should be able to get driver licenses. They're missing a word here... RightWisconsin

  • No laws. No problem! RightWisconsin

  • The anti capitalist cabal is confused. Socialism is a big state-run redistribution of wealth. Anarchy is no state. So, what do you want...other than to be down for the stuggle? RightWisconsin

  • Agitators planning to harass business owner, his family and his neighbors. This flier was handed out at the 2013 Milwaukee socialist/workers May Day rally. RightWisconsin