Storm Team 4Cast: Below-zero wind chills overnight, cold will stick around for a while

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  • The chilly March weather pattern continues today and will continue through the weekend and into next week. The northwesterly jet stream is in place and hasn’t budged for weeks allowing cold air to move south from Canada, and guides low pressure systems east-southeast for episodes of snow every few days.

  • Tuesday marks the last day of astronomical winter as spring begins tomorrow with the vernal equinox at 6:02 am. Winter weather, however, will continue with wind chills dropping to around ten below zero Tuesday night in Milwaukee.

  • High temperatures will be in the twenties today and drop into the teens overnight with strong west to northwest winds.

  • This past winter has been a tale of two winter seasons, a very mild and snowless start and a very chilly and snowy end, which is still occurring in southeast Wisconsin. Both December and January were above normal for temperatures, and below normal for snowfall. While both months had little snowfall, there was ample total precipitation as Milwaukee had two episodes of nearly two inches of rain, one in December and one in January. Both months also recorded one day in the sixties which is quite rare for winter. 

  • Since February 1, there has been more than 30 inches of snow in Milwaukee and temperatures are running about three degrees below normal.

  • Flurries linger into Tuesday morning before afternoon sunshine and highs only in the upper 20s. The winds will be gusting to 40 mph with wind chills in the single digits.

  • It continues to be windy Tuesday night and wind chills will drop to -5 to -15 by Wednesday morning. Wednesday will have a lot more sun, but it is still windy and cold with highs only near 20...about 20 degrees below normal.

  • Milwaukee stays dry, but cold the rest of the week with highs struggling to get to 30. However, Saturday will be in the upper 30s and Sunday 40 with a rain/snow mix.

  • MONDAY NIGHT: Cloudy and cold with flurries and very windy
    Low:    15 lakefront... 11 Waukesha & Inland.
    Wind:  W 15-25 gusting to 30 mph.
    Wind chills: -5 to -10

  • TUESDAY: Morning flurries, then clearing, windy and cold
    High: 28
    Wind: W 20-30 gusting to 40 mph
    Wind Chills: 5 to 10

  • TUE NIGHT: Decreasing clouds, windy and chilly.
    Lows: 10 Lakefront... 6 Waukesha & Inland.
    Wind chills: -5 to -15.
    Wind: WNW 15-25 gusting to 30 mph

  • WEDNESDAY:Partly cloudy, cold and windy.
    High: 21
    Wind: W 15-25 mph gusting to 30 mph.