What was bigger Twitter moment: Pope Francis, Obama or Packers 'Fail Mary' game?

MILWAUKEE - When major moments happen in the world, Twitter tends to explode with comments.  The site Mashable, which tracks social media trends, compared the announcement of Pope Francis to other big events in recent times.  We've done that, too.  Scroll through to see where these events ranked.

  • Mashable says that at the peak of Twitter traffic, 132,000 tweets per minute talked about the new Pope, Francis.

  • It's not like Papal tweets haven't been big. Pope Benedict's first tweet received about 68,000 re-tweets.

  • Neither of those, however, beat President Obama's re-election which garnered 237,000 tweets per minute and 200,000 retweets of his initial message after beating Mitt Romney last year.

  • The Spice Girls' reunion concert garnered about 116,000 tweets per minute.

  • For perspective, the moments after the Packers' "Fail Mary" loss to the Seattle Seahawks led to 56,000 comments per minute on Twitter and T.J. Lang's then-retweet record of 98,000.