Colby, a sea lion pup, makes debut in main show pool at Milwaukee County Zoo

Colby, a 48-pound sea lion pup is turning three-months-old on Thursday, and made his debut Wednesday in the 250,000 gallon saltwater main show pool at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Scroll through the pictures below to learn more about Colby.

  • Colby with his mother, Makaia. Jennifer Diliberti

  • Zoo officials said Colby was born at 18 pounds and will top out at over 700 pounds at around 10-years-old. Jennifer Diliberti

  • The public will now be able to catch a glimpse of him through shows and meet & greets until November. Jennifer Diliberti

  • Colby did not know how to swim upon birth and has been perfecting his swimming/ diving skills Jennifer Diliberti

  • Colby graduated to the main show pool at the Oceans of Fun Seal/Sea Lion Show at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Jennifer Diliberti