Red, White And Blue: All 4 GOP Candidates React To Election Results

  • Reps. Mark Honadel and Daniel Knodl at Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald's celebration party in West Bend Lacey Crisp

  • Bar is now open at Eric Hovde celebration headquarters in Pewaukee Tom Murray

  • Mark Neumann's camp is ready to celebrate a possible victory in Brookfield Annie Scholz

  • Tommy Thompson supporters eager to celebrate a Senate primary victory tonight in Waukesha Cody Holyoke

  • Mark Neumann's concession speech TODAY'S TMJ4

  • Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald told TODAY'S TMJ4 he didn't regret any part of his campaign for U.S. Senate TODAY'S TMJ4

  • Eric Hovde told supporters he is throwing his support behind Tommy Thompson for US Senate TODAY'S TMJ4

  • Tommy Thompson told his supporters in Waukesha that he will beat Tammy Baldwin in November. TODAY'S TMJ4