Storm Team 4: Despite rain, extreme drought conditions anticipated in Milwaukee area

Click on the photos of our recent drought to see details about the anticipated "extreme drought" in Milwaukee, as explained by Storm Team 4Caster Brian Gotter.

  • Milwaukee's lack of rain this year is producing drought conditions that, in the minds of one of Storm Team 4's meteorologists, is reaching extreme levels.

    "I would not be shocked if (the current drought condition was) not upgraded to extreme," said Storm Team 4Caster Brian Gotter, despite Wednesday's rain that fell on random parts of our region.

    "Even though we've started to see some rain showers around here, I'd say 88 percent of the area hasn't seen any significant rain...with the heat we've had the last couple days, we've evaporated a lot of moisture."

  • The U.S. Drought Monitor is set to release information on the Milwaukee-area drought conditions on Thursday morning. They have already declared Southeastern Wisconsin in a drought.

    "There are some rain showers, but it hasn't been overly impressive," explained Brian.

    "Some neighborhoods haven't seen a drop of rain, and then you get a couple downpours here and there that spike up the rain totals to make it a little more impressive, but remember, a lot of areas have not seen any rain. A lot of those areas are getting closer to five inches below normal now, and that's why we're worried about the drought being upgraded in some spots to extreme. Then there are the spots that did see some rain, downtown, the airport, and up on the north side, maybe one-fourth of an inch." charlynn95

  • What about more showers coming in the next 24 hours?

    "There's a 20 percent change of a shower (for the remainder of Wednesday). Most of the activity is up toward Green Bay," said Brian.

    "Overnight tonight, some moisture's going to come up from the southwest. There's about a 40 percent chance of scattered rain showers. That's the key word: scattered. It's going to be very hit and miss overnight and into tomorrow morning. Then, after that, we are dry until Sunday night and into Monday."

    That could mean a worsening of what could officially be declared an extreme drought around Milwaukee.