Marquette hosts Milwaukee, Chicago megacity conference

Click on the photos for more details about Tuesday's regional development conference at Marquette University, and click here for the WTMJ News Team's story on "Live at Daybreak."

  • Proponents say it will create a mass of universities, industries and globally-minded entrepreneurs.

    The day-long conference at Marquette University features politicians, academians and economic strategiests from both sides of the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

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    (Photo: Jay Sorgi)

  • For generations, Milwaukee has been at odds with Chicago. (Think America's Dairyland versus the Land of Lincoln, bratwurst vs. Chicago-style hot dogs, and the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers against the teams that shall not be named.)

    However, civic leaders from both areas were to meet Monday at Marquette University in Milwaukee to discuss cooperation between the cities.

  • Their focus was to combine the economic efforts between Chicago and Milwaukee to make a mega-city, and build a stronger edge in global competition.

    It seems like an implausible idea to some, but Milwaukee and Chicago have a lot in common by highways, similar industries and the Lake Michigan Shoreline.

    (Photo: Jay Sorgi)

  • However, more than 2,000 separate government entities are involved in the Chicago-Milwaukee-Gary, Ind. megapolis.

    Some say that's what makes it hard for such an area to compete against places like London, Paris or Toronto.

    Now, some people are pushing for more tri-state regional cooperation.