Nicolet player calls out school and teammates for lost season


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Nicolet player calls out school and teammates for lost season

By Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Aug 18, 2014

GLENDALE -- Jamelle Williams long dreamed of a breakout senior season, and that dream right now sits on the sidelines.

"Football is everything to me," Williams tells TODAY'S TMJ4. "I was supposed to be in control."
Williams and the seven other returning seniors on the Nicolet High School Knights lost control of their sports destiny last week, when the school announced the cancellation of the varsity season.
In a statement to TODAY'S TMJ4, athletic director Kirk Krychowiak explains: "When we learned there were not enough kids to field a varsity team, the district administration evaluated our options and ultimately made a difficult decision based purely and simply on the numbers."
The numbers show a big difference between last year's squad and this year's: six of this year's senior class walked away, while 11 juniors also hung up the cleats.
Williams attributes the exodus to the players' unhappiness with coaching.
"There wasn't any teamwork at all. We weren't communicating," he said.
Krychowiak said he supports the staff and vowed to review everything and everyone for next season - but that's all because "Nicolet is proud of our coaches and student athletes. Plans are already underway to strengthen our program for future seasons."
Krychowiak also maintains that being upset with a coach is also no excuse for quitting the team - and Jamelle Williams agrees.
"I consider them quitters," he said.