Brewers fever grows as team approaches playoffs with division lead


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Brewers fever grows as team approaches playoffs with division lead

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

High hopes are “brewing" as the Brew Crew started a home stand against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Brewers won the first game Tuesday night. 

The team has been on a roll, and is one of the best in all of baseball right now. Fans are pumped.
"It's just really exciting that we're competitive and we're in a pennant race," says Barb Figueroa. "It just makes you want to watch the game every night."
"They're just playing good ball," adds Lars Arneson. "Good pitching, good hitting, everything. It's all coming together."
The excitement translates to bigger crowds and bigger profits. The lines for tickets are long, and team merchandise is flying off shelves.
"I've always been with them through thick and think, but definitely more people are talking about it in the office and things like that," Figueroa says. "More people are jumping on the bandwagon. There's a lot of Brewers Buzz!"
Everyone hopes there will soon be more to cheer about.
"They have a better rotation and better lineup than both the Cardinals and Pirates, so yes, I guarantee they're going to make it to the playoffs," Arneson says.
"We completely, 100% believe that they're going to make the playoffs," Figueroa says. "They will. They're awesome and they deserve to."
Now, don't go booking your World Series tickets just yet. There is still a lot of baseball left to be played before playoffs. But there are some certainties - this is a team we can be proud of, and it will be a fun ride to see how far they can go.