22-foot Packers limo for sale on Craigslist


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22-foot Packers limo for sale on Craigslist

By Bridget Shanahan. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

The start of Packers season marks the end of an era for one fan.

After years of riding to Lambeau in style, the owner of “The Legends of Lambeau Limo" is looking to sell.

It started as a joke over a decade ago.  The limo was intended to be a big ride for Brett Favre's dad, Big Irv, and it quickly became over 22 feet of Packers glory.

Richard "Woody" Weink bought and customized this limo in 2004 after he met Brett Favre's dad at a bar in Muskego.

“We used to razz Big Irv that a big shot like him should have a big vehicle to drive him around,” Weink said.

Big Irv died before he got his big ride to Lambeau. But plenty of members of the Favre family did, including Brett's mom, Bonita.

On the truck you’ll find the legends of Lambeau.  The hood features Brett Favre and Reggie White.

Weink says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I've had many suggestions to sand Brett off and put Rogers on but that ain't happening. So no, there are no changes,” he explained.

But every season has its close.

“I don't really want to get rid of it, but I don't get to use it as much as I used to, so somebody else might as well have some fun,” Weink said.

Since Weink posted the limo on Craigslist two weeks ago, it hasn’t gotten much interest.

He’s still confident he’ll be able to sell it, and said all he needs is a Packers fan with a little extra cash who's looking to have some fun.