Nicolet will not have varsity football team this fall

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Nicolet will not have varsity football team this fall

By Matt Trebby and Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Aug 14, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 15, 2014

Nicolet High School is not going to be able to field a varsity football team this season, in a surprising announcement on Thursday night.

For a school that has a fairly sizable enrollment - nothing over 1,500 consistently, though - this is a bit of a surprise. A member of the North Shore Conference, Nicolet will definitely be the only team that will not be fielding a football team.

Here's the full statement from Kirk Krychowiak, the school's athletic director:

"Nicolet High School has always considered excellence in athletics to be a key component of the quality education we provide to our students. The success we have achieved in our athletic programs is a direct result of the enthusiasm of our coaches, students and the community. 

"Due to an insufficient number of student athletes at the varsity football level, the district administration has decided not to field a varsity football team for the 2014 season. Nicolet will have Junior Varsity and Freshmen programs and we are making arrangements for senior athletes to play this season.

"We have started efforts to improve our football program moving forward to ensure that students will have the opportunity to play in the future. Plans are already in place to upgrade the school’s athletic facilities, for football in particular, which is sorely needed to improve the quality of the program and student participation."