Favre forgets pieces of daughter's life after concussions from football

Brett Favre. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Favre forgets pieces of daughter's life after concussions from football

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 25, 2013

You can add legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre to the list of people who say they're feeling the effects of concussions after playing in the NFL.

"I don't remember my daughter playing youth soccer one summer," Favre told WSPZ Radio in Washington, D.C.

"This was a little shocking to me that I couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer...That's a little bit scary to me.  For the first time in 44 years, that put a little fear in me."

Favre suffered an untold number of concussions during his 20-year NFL career, 16 spent with the Green Bay Packers.

There were, in fact, games like 2004 against the New York Giants where he would suffer a concussion, stay in the game, throw a touchdown pass, then be taken out of the game because of a concussion.

"The brain, concussions, when I first started playing the first 10 years, they didn't keep a log like they do now.  There's no telling.  Am I naive enough to sit here and think that I didn't have (concussions)?"

Favre also talked about his overall health, which he sees as a challenge at 44 years old.

"I want to live a long time, healthy, as long as I can," said Favre.

"After 20 years, God only knows the toll that will be taken as time goes by."

He says he's taking lots of steps to stay active.

"I'm trying to stay not in shape to play, but stay in shape to do everyday things," said Favre.

"If not, the toll's...going to come a lot quicker."