Ex-teammate pokes fun at Rodgers-Swift bowling session


Ex-teammate pokes fun at Rodgers-Swift bowling session

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Feb 3, 2014

A former Green Bay Packers tight end who maintains a friendship with his all-world quarterback gave him a bit of trash-talking on Twitter over a recent bowling escapade with a famous singer.

As tweeted by current Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Tom Crabtree toward Aaron Rodgers:

Reports say Rodgers was seen bowling with Taylor Swift and a group of others a week ago following a movie premiere in Los Angeles.

He didn't mention anything about Swift in his response, but he did mention bowling.

But Crabtree won again:

It then went back and forth like this:

Crabtree has been known for at least a few noteworthy tweets, particularly during and after the NFC Championship Game when he was:
- Mistaken for being Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers
- Mentioning that he reported Samuel L. Jackson for foul language on Twitter

As one tweeting Packers fan put it: