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Survey says men mostly want sex for Valentine's Day


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Survey says men mostly want sex for Valentine's Day

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is usually focused on women and what they want, but what do men want on the Hallmark-driven occasion?

It was actually pretty easy to figure out.

First of all, forget about the creative chocolates or elaborate cards. Turns out, most men really just want sex.

But we're not just saying that, there is proof.

Forty-four percent of men surveyed by Monmouth University's Gary W. lewandowski said that sex was the top thing on their list. Fourteen percent wanted something like a video game or intellectual challenge and just nine percent said they wanted a heartfelt card.

The survey's results were published on the Science of Relationships website.

As for women, the website says they want jewelry (35 percent), roses (24 percent) and a heartfelt gift/card (10 percent), in that order.