Jon McGlocklin's take on Bucks/Jason Kidd saga

Dec 27, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd in first half of NBA game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Barclays Center. Nets won 104-93. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports Image by Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Jon McGlocklin's take on Bucks/Jason Kidd saga

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jun 30, 2014

In part of six decades in the NBA, Bucks TV analyst Jon McGlocklin has seen just about everything.  However, he probably has never seen anything like the events of the last few days, when the Bucks chose to go after and pick up Jason Kidd as their new head coach.

McGlocklin discussed the reported controversial move with TODAY'S TMJ4's Lance Allan.

He said the move was "not a surprise.  When you have a relationship with someone, you're the owner of the team...they know him in the way other people don't."

"When you can hire people that you know...obviously that's what's happened here."

McGlocklin said the move was not an indictment on Larry Drew, who suffered through an injury-plagued 15-win season.  However, "Jonny Mac" also said there's a history of former players quickly turning into top-flight coaches.

"We see some ex-players being hired who have never coached...some of those ex-players have had great success, Pat Riley and Phil Jackson just to name a couple," said McGlocklin.

"Sometimes they work, sometimes they don' varies with the individual...the team that they're with."

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