John Hammond on Bucks draft, excitement for future under new owners

Sep 30, 2013; St. Francis, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond speaks with the media at Milwaukee Bucks Training Center. Image by Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

John Hammond on Bucks draft, excitement for future under new owners

By Matt Trebby. CREATED Jun 9, 2014

John Hammond and the Bucks organization is not looking at the second pick as if they lost the first pick. They're still looking at it as a victory.

"I still will say that the worse case scenario would have been for us to drop as far as four, and if that would have happened we still would have been comfortable," Hammond told 620 WTMJ's Greg Matzek. "But obviously the higher you are, the better you're going to feel, the more strength the pick has as far as value, etc."

In the past, the Bucks tried to find difference makers in free agency and tried to stay competitive. The Bucks' general manager says he is on the same page with the team's new owners about how they need to go about acquiring a star player.

"Look, for us to get that difference maker, by far the greatest odds are it coming through the draft," Hammond said. "You can look, the last bit of significance, real significance, that this organization had, and it was probably a shorter window than people wanted… In that season, they had two players on that roster, the number one pick in Glenn Robinson, and the number five pick in Ray Allen."

In regards to the team's possible picks in this year's draft, Hammond said they understand how the workout process will go.

"We'll have them all in," Hammond said. "We're excited about that. There's always a trend. Those guys don't start their workouts until closer to the draft. We're in constant contact with their representatives. They've all been extremely cooperative, so we're looking forward to having them all in."

Hammond admits that he has to impress the new owners, and that he doesn't know where he will end up in the future. He openly said that this is an exciting time for Bucks fans and the city of Milwaukee.

"I don't know how long I'm going to be a part of this organization, I hope for a long time, but this is an extremely exciting, and it's going to be a great time for the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Bucks basketball," Hammond said. "This is going to change, and it's going to change in a very drastic way. These guys are committed, and they're committed to doing this the right way."