Bucks feel a draft

Bucks feel a draft

By Lance Allan. CREATED Jun 24, 2014

From all indications, the Bucks choice with the 2nd overall selection is pretty simple. It's either Jabari Parker, or Andrew Wiggins.

All indications are that whomever the Cleveland Cavaliers take with the top pick, the Bucks will take the other player. And with that said, despite trade offers, the Bucks will keep the second overall pick.

Several scouts feel Wiggins upside is the highest in the draft, if he can reach that vast potential. Parker is considered the most NBA ready. He's a load in the lower body, you can't move him off the block. But can he keep his 255 pound frame and weight under control?

The good news is by those that know these two players, they are solid in the character and work ethic departments and not a risk off the court. And remember, the Bucks are armed with 3 second round picks.

In my opinion, there's no way the Bucks draft and keep 4 rookies...but I do think they keep the top pick in the 2nd round, the 31st overall selection, because it's not a guaranteed deal and nearly like a 1st round pick. But I do think the Bucks are actively seeking deals to move up, possibly into the late first round, to try and capture someone they feel is slipping.

It depends on who the Bucks select 2nd overall, but the thought is if they get Parker who is a 4/power forward, a trade could be for backcourt help. A center who slips wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility either.

A high draft pick. Multiple selections, new owners, new energy. This year's draft has far more than drama than any in recent memory.

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