South side bakery sells more than 200 dozen Hank the Dog cookies


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South side bakery sells more than 200 dozen Hank the Dog cookies

By Samara Sodos. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

MILWAUKEE -- The sign outside Grebe's Bakery on Milwaukee's south side features just one name - Hank K9 - to describe its new cookies.

That's enough to draw in hundreds of people to buy the new buttercream treats which resemble Milwaukee's newest celebrity: the stray dog turned Brewers mascot.

"I was here yesterday and they were gone, so they said 'yeah we'll order some for you,'" customer Kathy Smith said. "But he's a little sweetheart!"

Grebe's began selling the cookies Wednesday and sold out before noon Wednesday and Thursday, selling more than 200 dozen.

"We're from Milwaukee, but we live in Michigan now, and we happen to be in town this week just in time for the Hank cookies," customer Holly Sembrow said. "We've been following him online ever since spring training."

To honor Hank's story, Grebe's is donating 20 percent of the profits to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

"I've never had a dog, but we have three cats at home," customer Patrick McCloskey said. "I miss the experience of having a dog, so maybe the cookies will make up for that."

Jennifer Betrovich with Grebe's Bakery was surprised at the amount of attention the cookies have received.

"It's crazy. It's just crazy," Betrovich said. "I didn't think it would be this big at all. I don't think [we] were prepared for all these people for these cookies."

Even though the bakery is sold out, you can still buy Hank cookies by placing a special order. They will be re-stocked on a first-come first serve basis Friday.