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Report: Attanasio holds off on decisions about Braun's future

Ryan Braun. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Report: Attanasio holds off on decisions about Braun's future

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 5, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The owner of the Milwaukee Brewers says he's not making decisions yet on Ryan  Braun's future with the team.

The New York Times asked Mark Attanasio about Braun's long-term status with the franchise.

He said, "I am a person who believes in forgiveness, but I also believe in accountability. We don’t have to make a decision at this point as to the future. We have eight months before next season. Now isn’t the time to think about all of that, because we’re not going to try to draw attention away from his need to redeem himself. We’ll see how he does, and we’ll measure it from there.”

Attanasio says he's not sure how long it would take for Braun to regain his good name after the lies he told about performance-enhancing drug use.

“It’s been a year and a half of not telling the truth. We need to see longer-term exemplary much time does it take? I don’t know. The community will know when we’ve crossed that threshold and things will be O.K. again. Will things ever be the same? I don’t know."