Melvin: Gomez to balance extreme effort, wisdom after injury

Carlos Gomez's game-saving catch against the Cincinnati Reds. Image by YouTube

Melvin: Gomez to balance extreme effort, wisdom after injury

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

MILWAUKEE - It is the dream of a baseball manager or GM to find a player who goes hard, all-out, as that's often the source of victory in any sport.

But for a centerfielder like the Brewers' Carlos Gomez, it can sometimes become the source of injury, and the Brewers' general manager says he may have to tone down his game a bit.

"Sometimes, you might have to do that.  He's understanding a little bit more," Melvin told 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"A player like that, You know they're always giving their best.  It is hard to tone that down from a player who takes pride in it."

Gomez, who's well-known for game-saving catches...

..sprained his knee while making another spectacular snag a week ago.

Melvin's dealt with the issue before.

"A few years ago, with Gabe Kapler, he was runing 120% to first base one time, and he ripped his achilles tendon and missed the year."

At the same time, Melvin admits, "that's the kind of hustle you look for...if you have a loss, a tough loss, you can say 'We played hard.' It's when you don't make that extra play and you lose the game by one run, that's when you start questioning yourself and the players you're responsible for."