Melvin discusses moving Braun's position, how he'll handle coming back

Melvin discusses moving Braun's position, how he'll handle coming back

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 1, 2013

The Milwaukee Brewers' general manager had lots of thoughts about his suspended left fielder, Ryan Braun.

Some had to do with how he'll return from his suspension for performance-enhancing drug use, his mental approach and how it will affect the team in genearl.

Others had to do with moving Braun to a new position for when he comes back.  

According to Journal Sentinel beat writer and 620WTMJ "Brewers 360" contributor Tom Haudricourt...

Braun's position for years has been left field, but the Brewers may be looking to give Khris Davis more playing time.

If they move Braun, the team will need to find a locale for Norichika Aoki, the regular right fielder, to play.

Whatever position he'll play, Melvin thinks the Brewers as a team will welcome him back, as long as he does what he needs to do on and off the field.

"I think internally, he'll come back, he'll be accepted.  He just needs to continue to go out there and do all the things that every other player does on the 25-man roster.  Once he's back in uniform, everyone puts the uniform on together...he'll be accepted from that standpoint," said Melvin.

"Everybody knows we need Ryan to come back and perform.  He was punished for what he did.  I dont' know the details...he served his penalty.  Beyond that, I don't think there's anything else to discuss from that be able to perform at the level he needs to perform at."

He may not be as accepted in road games, where fans are sure to remind him of his mistakes with PED's and his dishonesty about them.

"There'll be tough times when you go into visiting ballparks, but he's going to have to handle that.  He knows that."