Will a new marriage survive the next Packers game?

Will a new marriage survive the next Packers game?

By Jayme Snowden, Packers contributor. CREATED Sep 14, 2013

On Sunday, this Packers fan's marriage will officially be three months old.

Still in the newlywed phase of marriage, everything should be coming up roses, but life works a little differently when, instead of simply celebrating a quarter-year of marriage, we’ll be on opposite ends of a couch screaming at each other.

We don’t have anger management problems; we support different football teams.

Yes. My husband likes Washington.

The last time the Packers played Washington, it was a tense day in our household.

Dating for two years, sharing our first apartment, we didn’t talk for a couple hours after Mason Crosby doinked what would have been a game winning field goal off the upright.

I mentioned the 2010 game to my husband this morning. I remember the doink.

He remembers that his team sidelined Jermichael Finley for the rest of the year.

Nearly a full three years later and despite the fact that my team went on to win the Super Bowl that year, my body filled with sadness and anger thinking back to that game.

Neither my husband nor I lose gracefully.

In 2007, I was at a sports bar in Covington, KY watching my college team, USC, fall in dramatic fashion to 41-point underdog Stanford.

As the clock ran out, so did my ability to contain my emotions.

I’m grateful now that no one captured my tear-filled break down on their camera phone, as I reacted in a way that should probably be reserved for family tragedies.

I have never shown my face at the bar again. Nor will I ever.

In 2009, my husband’s favorite soccer team lost in dramatic last second fashion in the semi-final round of a major European tournament.

He kicked a soccer ball at the TV screen and then walked out of the house.

The house was full of people, friends over for the big game. We didn’t see him again for over an hour.

Even this morning, when I let him know I’d be writing this post today and we discussed the previous match-up, you could tell there was tension in the air.
My husband readily admits that he thinks the Packers will win.

But as we started talking specifics, him suggesting that Washington’s defense will give the Packers offense problems and that Rodgers will throw a pick, or me suggesting that it doesn’t matter if RGIII decides he can run, cause the Packers defense showed they can bottle neck that, our voices raised, and the conversation ended abruptly with husband walking out of the house yelling over his shoulder, “Love you, bye.”

So, what are we to do on Sunday?

We both love football. Watching games together and talking about sports are things we love to do. So when some people suggest not watching the game together, it feels foreign to us.

But is there a way to watch the game together, cheer on your own team and not at the same time drive the other person crazy?

Currently we have no plan. I have a feeling we’ll start out watching the game together in the living room and half way through the game once of us will have had enough and move to a different room.

Then after the Packers win, I’ll gloat privately and then never mention it again.
But I wish there was another way.

I wish someone had the magical advice so that we could both enjoy the game and our three-month wedding anniversary.

I wish that we could look back at this game later in the year and warmly remember it as a good game and not a day that ended with someone sleeping on the couch.

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